Robin Coss Aviation – RV Formation Shoot

I’ve been a long time fan of the Vans RV 7 so when the opportunity came to be able to shoot a 4 ship RV7/8 formo over Cape Town I jumped at it. The shoot took place on the afternoon of Thursday the first of April. The briefing for the shoot was held at FAFK (Fisantekraal Airfield) where the RV’s gathered and because of the tight formation flying, the best in the business were called in to give a hand, The South African Air Force display team, The Silver Falcons.
We were joined by Major Scott “Martian” Ternant (Falcon 1), Captain Roy “Cougar” Sproul (Falcon 2), Captain Gerhard “Venom” Lourens (Falcon 4) and Captain Heybrech “Valiant” van Niekerk (Current GLO or Ground Liaison Officer for the Falcons).
Myself, photographer Matt Stow and videographer, Rob Cook were in the cameraship, a Cessna 182, piloted by Hennie Louw.
We took off from FAFK, into a gentle southerly wind from Runway 23. We immediately turned out right and headed for The Cape Town Stadium. After two or three orbits, it was off to Robben Island, after two orbits there we went off to Bokpunt before returning home.
The shoot was extremely difficult as we had three photographers shooting out of one open door. Hanging with our heads out the aircraft with a relative airflow of some 120-140kts, was no easy task.
But in the end we all had tremendous fun and the shoot was quite a success.
The formo was as follows:
RV8 – ZU-CLI flown by Peter Erasmus and Capt. Gerhard Lourens
RV7A – ZU-DJH flown by Robin Coss and Capt. Roy Sproul
RV7A – ZU-EAS flown by Mark van Steenberghe and Capt. Heybrech van Niekerk
RV7 – ZU-LGN flown by Alistair Smith and Major Scott Ternant.

C182D – ZS-CRO (Camera Ship) flown by Hennie Louw.

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