Shooting the Airshow book ‘Smoke On…Go!’ 2016

Client: Creative Space Media
Project: Smoke On…Go 2016!

And yet once again I got to shoot this years airshow book,  “Smoke On…Go!”… and yet once again it was a challenge to come up with some fresh ideas for this year but when I get to fly with the top aerobatic pilots in the country…it’s a blast. Looking forward to shooting 2017! 🙂

SMOG16_001 SMOG16_002 SMOG16_003 SMOG16_004 SMOG16_005 SMOG16_006 SMOG16_007 SMOG16_008 JDR_6772 JDR_6827 JDR_6834 SMOG16_009 SMOG16_010 SMOG16_011 SMOG16_012 SMOG16_013 SMOG16_014 SMOG16_015 SMOG16_016 SMOG16_017 SMOG16_018 SMOG16_019 SMOG16_020 SMOG16_021 SMOG16_022 SMOG16_023 SMOG16_024 SMOG16_025
JDR_8330 SMOG16_026 SMOG16_027 SMOG16_028 SMOG16_029 SMOG16_030 SMOG16_031 SMOG16_032 SMOG16_033 SMOG16_034 SMOG16_035 SMOG16_036 SMOG16_037 SMOG16_038 SMOG16_039 SMOG16_040 SMOG16_041 SMOG16_042 SMOG16_043 SMOG16_044 SMOG16_045 SMOG16_046 SMOG16_047 SMOG16_048 SMOG16_049 SMOG16_050 SMOG16_051 SMOG16_052 SMOG16_053 SMOG16_054 SMOG16_055 SMOG16_056 SMOG16_057 SMOG16_058 SMOG16_059 SMOG16_060 SMOG16_061 SMOG16_062 SMOG16_063 SMOG16_064 SMOG16_065 SMOG16_066 SMOG16_067
JDR_7460 JDR_7532
SMOG16_069 SMOG16_070 SMOG16_071 SMOG16_072 SMOG16_073 SMOG16_074 SMOG16_075 JDR_8871-Edit SMOG16_076 SMOG16_077 SMOG16_078 SMOG16_079 SMOG16_080 SMOG16_081 SMOG16_082

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