The Avro Shackelton and The SAAF Museum

I was once again invited along to witness the ground run of the awesome Avro Shackelton at Ysterplaat.
It’s an experience and a privilege to be able to witness the rumbling of 4 x 2455 HP Rolls Royce Griffons at full taps. This Shackelton has about 100 airframe hours left on her but the aircrew now are too old so she will spend out her days on the ground with just an engine run up every now and again.

The Avro Shackleton was a British long-range maritime patrol aircraft for use by the Royal Air Force. It was developed by Avro from the Avro Lincoln bomber with a new fuselage. It was originally used primarily in the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) roles, and was later adapted for airborne early warning (AEW), search and rescue (SAR) and other roles from 1951 until 1990. It served in the South African Air Force from 1957 to 1984. The type is named after the polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.

After evaluating four RAF MR.2s in 1953, the South African Air Force ordered 8 aircraft to replace the Short Sunderland in maritime patrol duties. Some minor modifications were required for South African conditions and the resulting aircraft became the MK.3.[4] These Shackletons remained in maritime patrol service with 35 Squadron SAAF up to November 1984.[3] The aircraft received SAAF designations 1716 to 1723.

Although the joke has been applied to several aircraft, the Shackleton has been described as “a hundred thousand rivets flying in close formation”

The SAAF Museum (aka Hangar 4)

The North American Harvard

The Mirage F1AZ with a decal on the side of a confirmed kill

The F-86 Sabre being restored

The fully restored Albatross

The Douglas DC-3 also being restored to it’s former glory.

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