Working on Fire

Working on Fire recruits and trains young men and women from marginalised communities as skilled wildland fire fighters to reduce the personal and economic harm caused by unwanted wildfire. There are currently more than 4000 people deployed at over 100 WoF bases across South Africa.
The team are based at Fisantekraal (FAFK) in the Western Cape for the fire season.

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  • Greg Bishop - Excellent set of photos and some beautiful aircraft! In 31 years in the California Fire Service I’ve had the pleasure to be an eyewitness — at times not by choice — to the evolution of firefighting aircraft, from TBM’s and modified B-24/B-17 bombers, to the Super-scoopers and beauties like Bomber 7 (a personal favorite)!

    Greg Bishop
    Fire Captain (Retired 2000)
    California Division of Forestry.
    California Department of Forestry (now CalFire),
    Orange County Fire Department,
    Orange County Fire AuthorityDecember 5, 2011 – 02:49ReplyCancel

  • Richard and Bettie Aschenborn - Good Morning Justin

    Would like to thank you for the beautiful pictures taken with the Working on Fire demonstration on the 2nd. Richard flew blomber no 7 and enjoyed viewing the pic’s of the drop.

    Hope to meet you one day and thank you for sharing all your pictures with us.


    Richard and BettieDecember 8, 2011 – 06:47ReplyCancel

  • Sarel - Nice man.Ek versamel choppers fotos van af 1980.Het al sowat 70% van al die registrasies .Soek van voor 1980 se foto’s .Ek verkoop of gebruik foto’s glad nie vir eenige wins nie,net vir my vesamellingDecember 27, 2011 – 23:39ReplyCancel

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